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We often go to the little seaside resort in the Mar Menor called “Santiago de la Ribera”. It is well sign posted. Santiago de la Ribera is a hidden gem on the Costa Calida. Santiago de la Ribera is full of predominately Spanish people, it feels although you are holidaying in ‘real’ Spain. There is a pedestrianised palm tree lined promenade which normally bustling with families having a stroll to walk off their dinner. Across the beach in the centre of the promenade is a white building, home to one the best Seafood Restaurants all of the Costa Calida; “Miguel Restaurant”.

To be able to Playa de la Veta you have two recommendations. The first is to go by boat from Puerto de Tazacorte. There are plenty of of tourist boat excursions which go from this harbour and most stop at Playa de la Veta. The boat will anchor nearby alongside smaller boat will get you in. Really seriously . by far the most convenient way to get there, is indeed a are a tourist wanting a daytrip.

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A few blocks southwest we consider the Plaza Mayor (following the arches that lead to Calle Mayor). The Plaza Mayor is a formidable pedestrian stone paved square, featuring covered passages on every end. The plaza project was initiated in 1590 and take care of in 1619. It ended up being later rebuilt (1790) following a serious hearth flames. (Fires were pretty common during Inquisition times).

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After this type of moving experience, the tourists return on the city of Mendoza, towards the 5 Stars Hotel, but they keep on talking for days about this extraordinary piece of work and miracle of the nearby nature.